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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Show and Tell: Abundance

We like to celebrate the abundance of things in our life. We use it to teach the children gratitude and satisfaction for our experience. We recognize that others don't have even that.

This time of year is full to bursting!

Emma's bush is full of gorgeous red leaves. Even as Comedian grieves the fact that they will 'fall off and die" she makes a point to mention they will "pop back after the snow melts".

And, after a year when the topic of in-town summer conversations lamented on various responses to, "And how was your garden this year?" we consider ourselves wildly abundant to have this:

I mean, look at the size of that blue hubbard squash

The chickens are all grown up. They say "don't count your chickens", but I do. There are 23 and even though only about half are currently laying we fill an egg carton a day.

A pantry full of canned vegetable will sustain us for the winter.

The outdooor furnace we (Um: I mean he) fills morning and night sits next about 22 cord of wood.

And so, it seems that if the world were to stop turning for a few moons we would be allright. For we have more than enough, no - much more than enough to be happy and healthy.

What are you grateful for that others might not have? What are you showing and telling?


Kristin said...

Oh wow, you got so much from your garden this year. Fabulous!

Hope's Mama said...

Oh now that is awesome. Love all those veggies!

Sara said...

I have a fabulous stuffed hubbard squash recipe (gluten free). Yum!

I am impressed with your canning. I do tons of jam, mostly for gifts. This year I did some pickles and brandied peaches and may get to apple butter. Other than that, most things get frozen. Which is good except when the freezer gets accidentally unplugged or dies or some such nonsense (twice in the last two years).

What do I have that others might not have? A 80+ year old neighbor who mows our lawn and may have blown some of our leaves when we get too far behind. Another neighbor who snow blows our whole (shared driveway) including clearing our part of the sidewalk and getting as close as she can to our cars. Love my neighborhood.

Rachel said...

The canning amazes me! The flowering bush is just beautiful.

Lollipop Goldstein said...

You remind me of those stories of the little mice hunkering down for the winter with everything in its place. I am very impressed.

dreamsofquiet said...

So amazing--the bounty of the earth, right there in your pantry.

areyoukiddingme said...

My husband would like to move in with you...or more to the point, he'd like me to move in with you, because he thinks I need to "rough it." Otherwise, when society comes to an end (as he likes to predict it will), I will be a liability because I'm used to my comforts. I'm pretty sure I have enough cook books that will tell me how to can food, and if I'm starving I'll be willing to eat things I don't like (i.e. squash!). You have given me a good chuckle!

Once A Mother said...

Its so nice to know you have enough, leaves less time for worry and more time to enjoy your family. thank you for sharing this great post.

Lynn said...

Emma's plant is gorgeous! You made so much from your garden! How lovely to have food you've grown yourself. I always enjoy it when we make our own garden. We didn't do it this year and I really miss it. Enjoy yours!

Bluebird said...

I want to come visit and see this place you call home :) And learn how to grow things without killing them, and figure out the art of canning!

Another Dreamer said...

Wow, that is fantastic! I am so impressed right now, you have no idea! Go you :)

Lavender Luz said...

You are so independent!

Never heard of Hubbard squash, but as an acorn and butternut fan, I'm gonna look into it.

Well done, Cara!

Erika said...

How fantastic to be so independent! I greatly admire your talents. These are all things that many in my extended family do each year, but i just have never learned how.

I have 23 kids who share unconditional love with me 5 days a week... the part of teaching that I LOVE!

KuKd Chick said...

I had no idea you were such the Laura Ingles pioneer girl, Cara! Look at all the farmy stuff you have going on - chickens? Veggies in jars? Ramshackle shed-like structures in your backyard? I feel inspired to do something outdoorsy. I'm so jealous!

MrsSpock said...

I love these pictures of fall bounty!

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