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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Week by week...

life seems to get a tad bit more overwhelming, not in a bad way, just a try to get everything done and still have a sane smile at the end of the day, way.

Thanks to all of you for your insightful responses to my last post. I am certainly feeling more at peace about my decision and blessed that another member of our board can attend. It is time to give up certain contols and let the crew man the ship a bit. Not an easy task for a person like me, but necessary when, as I just told a friend, "the thing you built is growing faster than you ever imagined."

An issue for a self-proclaimed control freak like me.

I have posts that are extremely important to me brewing, about the lighting cermony, about my big-daddy benefactor of sorts showing up, about love and life and seeing a side of my little girl I never thought I would.

I have catching up to do within your lives. I have babies to welcome. Anniversaries to belatedly acknowledge, hoping the mommy and daddy know I was thinking of them on their day. And sad moments to support.

Even as the chicken sautees, the pumpkins sit half-carved, the UPS man approaches the door, the Bowling for Babies flyer is 3/4 done, the eggs boil, the dough for our cinnamon buns rises, and my 332 pictures beg to be uploaded and ordered from my mind flies to all of you and the words spin through my head.

I have come to the unsatisfactory, yet realistic conclusion that I am at a blogging crossroads. I blog for me, and for you, but primarily to keep my senses sharp, my words in tune, and my emotions processing about the loss of our little girl. In just over a year I have nearly hit 300 posts. Writing daily was cathartic. It was my outlet. It allowed me to cultivate the relationships I now find myself missing daily.

Even so, at this time one or two posts a week is all I will be able to create until the new year. Until all the fundraisers are done, numbers added, and Share Southern Vermont's first tax return filed. I have to be ok with this down shift. I have to use it as a learning experience in the world of blogging. I imagine they all have their ebbs and flows. Just know that the ebb frustrates me as much as my lack of commenting might irk you.

Catch you on the fly...


Michelle said...

With all you have going on it is completely understandable. you do what you need and can do. i will be here whenever you write.

Once A Mother said...

You are one busy lady, it is a wonder that you have any time at all to write, but we are ever so happy to read what you come up with when time allows for it.

Salma said...

Going to a blog is like visiting a friend at home. I love coming here and hearing about the things that you are doing...
Don't be too hard on yourself.

MrsSpock said...

It's something I've had to do myself this year, though I do still constantly struggle with the guilt of being pulled at work, at home, online, and form my writing, which can''t be shared yet...You must do what you must do...

Bluebird said...

Makes sense to me :) I'm a firm believer that we all should blog when it satisfies a need within us. We'll all still be here when you pop back in :)

prashant said...

it is a wonder that you have any time at all to write, but we are ever so happy to read
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