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Thursday, December 17, 2009


Is a very cute book about a train conductor concerned his little engine will never survive the track with three big animals on it.

It is also a euphamism for my current mindset. Read on, and you will see why!

I am still sick. It stinks, as there is so very much I was supposed to have done / still have to do for Share by the end of the year.

It used to seem far away. Now it looms. And, so does my cough of nearly two weeks. It led me to the doctor today saying inane things like, "But I don't really feel sick-sick; I just can't stop coughing, you know?"

He raised his eyebrows at me. It was a bit daunting as he was wearing a mask and all I could see were his eyes.

One nebulizer treatment later I am now the proud owner of my very first inhaler, ever. No, I don't have asthma, but apparently whatever cold virus got a hold of me grasped tightly to my lungs (literally) and my future for the next week is measure in puffs: 2 every four hours, with kick-a$$ cough/codine medicine as a chaser so I finally get some sleep in my own bed, not sitting straight up on the couch.

Comedian doesn't sound much better. Her appt is tomorrow afternoon.

*big sigh* cough-cough -cough-cough (Note to self: deep breaths induce coughing fits...don't do it!)

I have to say, unlike last winter (which appeared to be Mrs. Spock's barnacle), this one is dragging us down in germ fest after germ fest.

Is it the new 'strains' of things floating around?

Is it because I work in a preschool where kids pick their noses then touch toys and walk away like nothing happened?

Is it because fatigue has reached a new high for me trying to burn multiple candles at both ends?

I have no idea. But I am looking forward to our 10 day break. And I am praying that the new year finds me healthy and restored with all the energy I used to possess and more.

The grant is due Jan. 11th, you know...


Sara said...

Cara, I hope you feel better soon.

Kristin said...

Feel better soon sweetie. Despite evidence to the contrary, I don't think you are superwoman so you need to take a break.

Barbara said...

Sending you get-well-soon vibes.


Brenna said...

Wish I could package up some homeade chicken soup and have it sent over to you today! I'm so glad you have a break coming up--rest up, hon!

Michelle said...

I hope you feel better soon.

I have nominated you for an award.

Once A Mother said...

sending you get well wishes... hang in there.

Martha said...

I hope you feel better soon, Cara. Thanks for the precious card of the girls, Xoxo.

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