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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Show and Tell - Oh How I Missed You!

DISCLAIMER - This is the lamest show and tell I've put up...but it's all I've got this week. Keep reading and you'll see why!

Five days without more than a five minute check-in on the computer.

FIVE DAYS without reading other people's blogs, without updating mine (the previous bulletted post not-withstanding), without checking on two week waits, without checking my email even once a day, without laughing out loud at your witty posts and crying silent tears at the sad ones.

Um...did I mention - FIVE DAYS!!!!

It felt like a month! I knew how connected we all were, but I didn't realize just how much I based my day on your experiences - your ups, your downs - your annoucements and emotions.

I feel like a bad friend who missed much! And, as I look at my ever growing google reader, I just might be. Tomorrow is the beginning of a work week, and I will sit and TRY to catch up...but I have a favor to ask.

If I comment regularly on your blog and you know that I follow your story...please just shoot me an email with the highlights from the last week. The five minutes you take to type said email will accomplish three things.
  1. It will effectively catch me up on all the good and maybe not-so-good-stuff I missed
  2. It will lead me to right posts I need to read to get ALL the details
  3. And, most importantly, it will ease the abandonment guilt I am feeling for dissapearing!

So - consider the next paragraph my "Catching Up Email" to all of you!

Hi! Wow, can't believe I feel so disconnected after this last week. I have travelled out of state in a crazy, raging blizzard and lived to tell the tale! I attended a moving and inpsirational meeting of Share in Northhampton and can really see what our little group will grow to be, sadly. I shopped on the way home for my girls birthday party. They have birthdays so close together we combine the party. Well, this year it was more like two parties on the same day, at the same time, in the same house - but two different rooms. But, the miraculous part, was the atmosphere was so calm. The party was the most in control we've ever had! Today I try to get my head back on straight with presents still strewn all over the floor and half finished projects on tables - but I missed you, so I really needed to send this along! I look forward to catching up on your recent doings!

And - if you feel so inclined to see The Comedian's First Dance Video - click on over... Oh - and don't actively drink while watching. You might spit soda on your clean shirt. Ok - don't say I didn't warn you, the girl's got some groovin' moves!

Talk to you soon!! - Cara


Martha said...

Welcome Back, Cara. I have been up to nothing except work, chores, and going to a movie w/Dh.

Kristin said...

Welcome back hon!

Cassandra said...

No official news to report this week, but you did miss a contest on my blog. But it's not too late to comment on Thoughtful Thursday!

Happy birthday to the girls.

Lisa DG said...

m/c and a cancelled cycle for me.

Beautiful Mess said...

Welcome back! Glad you survived. Happy birthday to the girls and happy give-birthday to YOU!

Michelle said...

Glad your back cara. othing much going on here. Knee is still hurting and I am having a hard time with my 35th birthday coming up but other then that all is quiet.

MrsSpock said...

Driving through a blizzard sounds awful, but being 5 days without Internet access sounds even worse!

You didn't miss much in the Spock household other than some winter weather and a big repair bill.

Elize said...

Glad you're back! I missed you. Happy Birthday to the girls!

Bluebird said...

Hey girl, glad you're back! Hope your week isn't too overwhelming :)

The Steadfast Warrior said...

Glad to see you back! Sounds like the birthdays were great fun for all. News? Boy do I have news!!! Check out Feb.1st post...

WiseGuy said...

Welcome Back! You did not miss much on my end. I only ranted and grunted. :)

Sara said...

I wrote about the people ahead of me on this journey--specifically Carol, but you know all about her now :)

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