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Monday, November 30, 2009

To Black or To Cyber?

"Do you do Black Friday?"

"Nope." I answered. "It's not my thing, the lines, the crowds, the chaos."

"But you LOVE deals!" my friend said.

"Yup, that's why I do cyber Monday."

She had never heard of it. I educated her, citing years when all my Ch.rist.mas shopping was done in one fell click-clack of the keyboard as I sipped coffee and relished that I never left my home to shop.

Oddly, I'm not 'doing' cyber monday this year. And, it's not because of any economy woes. I could if I wanted to, but somehow, this clean my house top to bottom, clear out corners of clutter, and - in the process - create more filled contractors bags of trash than a mini-demo team has opened my eyes to what we have.


We don't need more. And amazingly, inside this minute, I don't want more. Not even if it is half off with free shipping and would look striking on the bathroom wall.

It seems I actually internallized the lesson of the recession. We are a blessed country. I have more than enough. What I truly need will always be provided for me.

Chances are time will swing me back to some kind of happy medium. I'll shop again, moderately, I'll clean again, without the fanatical gleam in my eye. I'll find a calm space to work within. But for today, I go back to work and leave the deal snatching to my capable online friends!

So, do you 'do' cyber Monday?


Sara said...

I had never heard of cyber Monday until listening to NPR this morning. I don't do cyber Monday. I'll be doing most of my shopping this week though at Target, the craft stores, and a bunch of small, local stores. I'm with you on the not needing stuff bit. We're only buying for kids this year. What I want is time—I asked Brian for a gift certificate for yoga and a few nights during his winter break when he will take care of Kathleen so I can go.

MrsSpock said...

Not really. We only exchange gifts with our parents, and give one nice gift to our son- so we are essentially done with the deals I've found on blogs in the past month. And for us, too, there is nothing that we want that can be bought at a store.

Michelle said...

I would if I could but unfortunately I do not have the funds to do so this year. UGH..oh well.

Kristin said...

I haven't done it but I do a lot of online shopping in general.

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