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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Show and Tell - (Dare Style!)

Well, it's that time again. Class is once again in session and last week one our members, Miss Tomcat, issued a challenge.

I believe her exact words were... "You must find the dorkiest photo of yourself, and post it on your blog. Say, in a weeks time. There will be a prize for the most dorksome. A really, really dorky prize. xo"

So I expect that this weeks class will be full of youngsters with four eyes (The Comedian has glasses so that is in no way a disrepectful statement!), braces and , well, we already know our fab member with crossed eyes. Make sure to see her extra credit post for the cutie post-surgery!

Anyway, no idea if an uncoordinated six year old or a teen with crooked teeth and bad taste in earrings can compete...but here goes.


  • The Little House on the Prarie Dress
  • The freshly glossed over scab

  • The best mullet you have ever seen!!

  • Oh- and see that bicycle tire in the bottom right hand of the pic? THAT is what was responsible for my chin injury..the DAY BEFORE school pictures. Yeah, grace was not my middle name, so why do I look so happy?

This visual representation of my seventh grade self is a little fuzzy, but not convaluted enough to mask the dinasour earrings, crooked collar and ...if you look closely...THE RETAINER!

Tomcat, hope this brings you another giggle or two and please, for other tell all pics from our younger years and some traditional Show and Tell's...hop on over to the homeroom!


Kristin said...

While dinosaur earrings in 7th grade do scream dork (LOL), you were still a really cute dork. (coming from the self-professed queen of dorkdom)

Mrs Woggie said...

You are brave! You were a cute first grader! How did you hurt your chin? You were looking pretty stylish in seventh grade too!

Arian said...

Awww! I totally want a pair of those earrings!

Another Dreamer said...

I would have so worn those earrings in the 7th grade!

Murgdan said...

...SO glad I'm not the only one with dorky old school photos! Except I had glasses AND an underbite to add to the mix. Ugh!

Dora said...

You were adorable! Oh, those earrings! Too bad I don't have any pictures of the HUGE fork and spoon earrings I thought were so cool around that age!

Melzie said...

What a fun dare!! I'll hav eto go looking. You look just like my baby sister!! :)

My S&T is up HERE!!

battynurse said...

Oh gotta love the dinosaur earrings.

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