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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Space and Time are No Match (living children pictured)

Good Evening All. We are coming to end of a spectacularly gorgeous day here in Southern Vermont! The sun shined down and warmed our toes after the last few frosty days.

The Comedian and I have "special time" together every school day from 12:30 to 2:30 when she arrives home and Bear is still at school. Some days she naps and some...not so much. Today, she seemed uninterested and I innocently suggested we decorate the porch with the pumpkins and blue hubbard squash from our garden this year. I say, "innocently" because I had NO IDEA how seriously she would take this task. I mean, come know this kid, she doesn't take ANYTHING seriously! (or - if you don't know her and want HERE)

Anyway, six wagon trips and lots of "Ooo, Mummy I a big kid to lift this heaviness. Ooo..Mummy I am a good job to pull wagons" and so forth and so on, she pics the teeniest, tiniest pumpkin of the bunch and stops short. "Ah-ha" she exclaims, "This is Emma's pumpkin!" Anticipating my next move (jeez- I wonder how she knows this is coming) she runs over to Emma's bush and sits down saying, "Cheeeezzzee".

I'm touched. I have one of my internal smiles followed by a, I guess I must be connecting the kids in the healthy way I want, moments. I take the picture. Then as I start to walk back toward the numerous other pumpkins that, sadly, she isn't strong enough to lift up the stairs, I hear a quiet loving voice, "Emma, this pumpkin is for you. It is teeny like you. It looks like a baby and you a baby. You my baby sister. You angel hold you pumkin for you, ok?"

Now I'm a mess but in good way. Just when I was about to turn around, go back and sit with her, just hug her and maybe chat about Emma a little. You know - the picture perfect fade to black ending every romantic comedy ends like...The true Comedian returned. She hopped up, ran to me and wrapped her arms around the back of my legs. I turned to look at her and she simply said, "Mummy, I talked to her." then ran back to our project.

I love goopy and sappy and let's talk it through but I guess that is meant for the two of us another day. She is a good sister.

BTW - did you notice how red the burning bush is now??? The power of the one red leaf still amazes me!


Martha said...

What a beautiful story and such a sweet sister. Love knows no boundaries, children are so wise in this fact. Thank you so much for the story and delightful pictures.

Michelle said...

That is such a touching story. Kids are so beautiful!

MrsSpock said...

A "Perfect Moment Monday" on a Thursday, mayhaps?

Cara said...

Yes- a "Perfect Monday Moment..." on a thursday, you got it MrsSpock!

Kristin said...

What a wonderful story.

That bush is gorgeous. Is it really called a burning bush?

Cara said...

Kristin - yes. It really is called a burning bush for when it is competlely red (maybe a week from now) it is stunning! Looks like it's on fire.

I'll post a Wordless Wednesday when it happens. There really are no words for it anyway.

Nathansma said...

Yeah, the one red leaf...I would hold on to that one. My Nathan shocks me sometimes about his baby sister. When people ask if he is an only child I usually answer that he is in order to not have to explain the whole story. He will always correct me and tell the person his own version of how he has a baby sister who lives in heaven. Makes me proud!

We must be doing something right for our kids to remember their sisters. Way to go Comedian!


Bec said...

That is such a beautiful story Kids have such an aura about them, such raw emotion :)

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