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Monday, March 16, 2009

Show and Tell - Abundance

There is a collective shift happening across the country and beyond. We are being told that our thoughts hold power - that focusing our thoughts intensely and with "unwaivering faith" towards our ultimate goal will, in fact, allow it to happen.

The power of positive thinking is a vast topic and one I don't intend to dive into in a philosophical way - I know, shocking. I'll just say that I'm not against it. And - that it's effects on one's home life cannot be disputed.

Case in Point - my husband. About 18 months ago he watched The Slowly, I watched him shift his way of thinking. His scowl was replaced with smiles. His quick responses to the children replaced with a listening ear and measures of patience for the way they see the world.

He set goals and began to work toward them, yet didn't give up when the shape of his vision shifted - becoming not-exactly what he intended.

His new favorite word became "abudant".

We are so abundant.

Sure - let's get pizza, because we are abundant.

Oh - the world economy is in the toilet? Meh- I'm still going to put that 8 person, 40 adjustable jet, built in speaker system hot tub* on my vision board, becaus ...(you guessed it) we're so abundant!

We, as a couple, try to approach the world with this attitude ; not negating the current "climate" as they say (And why do they use that weather word? But - that's a post for another day.) but keeping-on-keepin'-on believing that we will weather this storm. (oh, maybe that's why the weather vocabulary..sorry)

But, his love and over-use of the word abundant could not be denied. (I feel like I should throw a fingerboard in here just for good measure.) And so, on my way home from my looooong trip away when I stopped in a B.g L.ots to get a big bottle of water and spied this:

I just knew I had to get it. I was giddy with repressed laughter for the remaining 2 hours of my drive (snow, sleet and freezing rain aside) - for I had my presentation line poised on the tip of my tongue.

"Hey baby! Now you can eat your abundance."

And - he does. And - he quite likes it!

* - Yes! He shares a love-of-everything-hot-tub with me!


WiseGuy said...


That's a great word!

I am not going to write much, because my sarcastic side is abundant right now!

Kristin said...

What a cute story!

caitsmom said...

love it!!!!

Martha said...

This is adorable, sounds delish on all levels.

Lollipop Goldstein said...

What a great story--though you're right; fingerboard would have made it even better :-)

Beautiful Mess said...

Oh I love it! It's perfect! Thank you for sharing this story and giving me a smile, as always.

Anonymous said...

Its a great story and a great attitude !

Ali xX

Another Dreamer said...


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