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Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Plug vs. The Unplug

I have (as I mentioned) consciously attempted to not plug back in to the extent that I was before vacation.

Things making this easy:
  • My internet connection is crankily slow, occasionally refusing to work - period.
  • The immense pleasure I get from hearing my kids say, "You were really fun today mommy."
  • The satisfaction of seeing my house clean and organized at the end of a day when we were actually here!

Things making this hard:

  • I still think, talk and write-posts-in-my-head like a full time blogger
  • My internet connection's suckiness when I just want to check one little thing!
  • The guilt I cannot seem to shake about being so far behind with all your posts.
  • I MISS writing. I miss having the time to just open the computer and let the words fall out.
  • I don't like having to 'schedule' my creative time. It just doesn't work like that!
  • Things are just not getting updating the Angel Wall, or blasting out Share media news. They will...I promise!

Ok, clearly I have a bit more work to do in my 12-step program to on-line/real life balance. But since the real life piece has been quite blissfull, I guess I chalk this first week up as a success.

Tomorrow I am headed to a funeral for a little boy who died 8 months gestation. His parents and sister are devestated, obviously. I am attending as a fellow grieving mother and with to other board members of Share Southern Vermont. We hope to show that we care from the very beginning, a silent support system of strangers...if you will.

I find it timely that I have still yet to open my journal. I feel that if I had, attending this funeral might have been impossible. As it is, I type this at 9:30 pm - 12 hours before the service - and remain as calm as can be.

Think good, strong, positive thoughts that I can both represent Share in a professional way while touching their hearts with understanding.

Oh -- and Issue Six of Exhale is out!! I can't believe we have been at this for eight months now! Be sure to click over and read all the goodies in this issue (including a MALE columnist and a piece all about my sweet hubby!)

Don't be surprised if tomorrow night brings me back to the keys, a couple of glasses of vino later to lay the funeral experience out for you!


Martha said...

((Hugs))Cara, I need to unplug for awhile. I am doing a giveaway next week while I'm on vacation, so please enter if you can. xx

Bluebird said...

I am so impressed and humbled that you will be attending that service. I'm sure it will be difficult, but I can't imagine a more wonderful thing for that grieving family. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow and hoping that everything goes "well."

Michelle said...

I think you will do a wonderful job. I know it will be hard but if anyone is perfect for it, it would be you. You always amaze me!

Kristin said...

It can be so hard to balance it all. {{{Hugs}}} and I'll be thinking of you at the funeral.

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