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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Show and Tell -- Up A Tree...Literally

You may recall we had to make a choice. Of five kittens, we could only keep one. We chose Mr. Butterscotch.

All-in-all, we have felt we made a good choice. His penchon for pooping in our house plants not-withstanding, he is a family friendly, cuddler. Truly, his need to snuggle is beyond any other cat's human touch desire that I've ever seen. On any given evening he can be found with his tiny face tucked under my chin and his heiny squarely lodged between my ample bosom!

That said, his isn't the smartest bulb ever born. He has been up the large oak tree four times so far. Each time, he's been rescued, admonished and loved before he got too high. But last Friday, as I was readying to go to the funeral the girls screamed, "Look! Butterscotch!! Oh My..."

He was three limbs up. I could almost hear him thinking..."Well, if I went up two limbs last time and someone saved me, then let's try three today."

However, what my sweet and sour little kitty didn't know was that I had no time -- literally, to save him that day. So, with a tough-love, semi-reproachful, semi-pitying look we drove off. "He'll either get down or he won't" I told the girls.

When we got home (and no, they didn't go to the funeral) he was on our front porch. Oh boy, did we praise that little boy. Later, at a neighborhood bbq, we discovered our praise had been misplaced.

Seems our neighbor's pre-teen kids thought it would be a good idea to get a ladder and save the boy. So, our other grown-up neighbor saved the day. *sigh* He really is a bit naughty, but we love him!!
What is the rest of the class showing and telling??


Kristin said...

What a character. He really is adorable!

Barbara said...

Ah ha! You have a boob cat too! Our boy kitteh is getting too big for his "perch" these days and keeps falling off.

What a handsome little adventurer!


Michelle said...

Oh he is so CUTE!! My cat is the same way as far as human touch. She can not get enough of it. She is all over me most of the day and when she is sleeping she always has to have something touching either me, my husband, or sometimes she cuddles up with my dog. It is so adorable!

Malky B. said...


Lollipop Goldstein said...

That is hysterical. The best punchline. Perhaps he'll learn next time :-)

Anonymous said... cute! I just love cuddly kitties. Cats were my first love, since WAY before Miss Doggy. So glad your little guy is safe and sound. I wonder what would have happened if he hadn't been rescued? That is the question, no?

The Steadfast Warrior said...

What a cutie! Let's hope you don't have to do the tough love routine too often! I so miss having a kittie around.

WiseGuy said...

Butterscotch is a cutie....he knows he is too cute, so somebody would help him out always!

Mrs. Gamgee said...

Very cute story and very cute kittie!

k@lakly said...

What a cutie! makes me sad for my forever housebound felines. Although they have climbed the christmas tree a time or two....

Another Dreamer said...

Oh, he is adorable. And sneaky ;)

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