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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Show and Tell - An Act of Faith

Faith, hope and love - three beautiful emotions and a great song by Point of Grace!

I have faith our fundraising goal will be met by Christmas!
I have great hope that our Share chapter will be up and running and serving many hurting hearts early in the new year.
I have love for so many who support my process:
  • Carol, the Share co-ordinator from Northhampton who took 90 mintues out of her busy life to talk to me and answer all my questions.
  • Martha, my West Coast Publicist (he-he), who felt led to call all the local newspapers in my area and annouce my mission and further request they cover the story. She's also full of great fundraising ideas!

  • Jane, who I met yesterday (IRL) for a book related meeting, but turns out to be an art therapist and wants to volunteer her time to work with the families, yes kids too, who are in our group.
  • My husband, for all his talent and time creating the memory boxes.

  • All who have donated so this dream can become a reality.

And, of course, love for my Emma Grace for working so boldly in this word and moving me to act.

So for Show and Tell I share that ... I took a leap of faith.
I filled out the application. It will be in the mail tomorrow morning.

If you are here from ILCW or new to the blog and have no idea of what I speak - and would like to, there is red text with a link to the original post on my side bar.

Now, full of faith, hope and back over to see what the rest of the class is showing! And yes - Mel, just in case your grading this week: the application was two pages, my essay answers were seven!


Sam said...

good luck!!

Martha said...

Oh, heck, Cara, I have tears in my ears, I mean my eyes. This will happen.

Cassandra said...

Wonderful progress! :)

Emily (Apron Strings) said...

Wow. That's a lot of progress!

Dora said...

Awesome! People need to learn to get out of your way when you decide to do something! YOU ROCK!

Elana Kahn said...

WOW!! You have an amazing cause and I'm so glad you're raising money. Here from ICLW.

Kristin said...

Way to go dear!

battynurse said...

Way to go!! Glad it's all coming together.

Amy said...

Keep me posted on the financial front...I would like to help you get this off the ground in Jan. and if you need more am happy to SHARE!!!

Another Dreamer said...

Kudos, and best wishes!

Michelle said...

I know you will do it and it will be great!

MrsSpock said...

I'm very excited for you!

WiseGuy said...

All the best to you Lady!

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