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Monday, November 17, 2008


Time is fleeting.
Time knows no boundaries.
Time flies.
Time is a manner of perspective.
The Universe loves speed.

It most certainly does.

I feel like I have know all of you forever. I see your screen name and immediately can sense your emotions, recall your baby's names and b/d dates, and am filled with an anticipation to read your next post.

I follow IF'ers who are currently TTC. I cry with you at one pink line. I rejoice with you for two. I pray and worry with you for a healthy pregnancy and a screaming baby.

I found the courage to reach out and ask for help, fundraising help that is, to start my SHARE Southern Vermont group- and you are responding...big time! (Did you look at the ticker today?) In the note I received today, my sweet friend wrote, "Emma is shining upon you. You have truly found your calling." Thank you - for your kind words, for your generous donation and for your strength of heart as you brave this world without your son.

These are deep connections. I don't even know what most of you look like and it doesn't matter. We have connected on the basest of levels. Motherhood, grief, heartbreak, emotion, creativity, purpose, and the deisire to make this world easier for others who suffer. These are indicators of life long friendships.

I started my blog on September 1st.

I have known you for 10 weeks.

I am stunned. 10 weeks: the beginning of a new life, a summer vacation, a good weight loss regiment. And you and I have founded a life-long friendship in 10 weeks. This is the power of God, the power of the Universe, the power of a shared motivation.

I look at my blog, it's sidebar, pictures, and googles of comments - and it feels homey. It is my other home where being a dbm is accepted, embraced and supported - whatever I feel that day.

So, thank you - to each and every one of you, whether you read and cry - or -read and comment (then cry). You are the reason I am here. You are the reason Emma led me here.


MrsSpock said...

It's only been 10 weeks? Really?

Give me a few weeks until I've started the new job....

Michelle said...

No thank you Cara for all you do.

Amy said...

I'm with Michelle, THANK YOU, for all that you do! You are a true friend! Much love and peace to you!

Dora said...

Will you stop making me cry? Do you know how hormonal I am?

10 weeks? NO WAY!


Kristin said...

OMG...have you only been around 10 weeks. I thought you had been around a lot longer when I first found your blog. WOW

Thanks for sharing your story with us.

WiseGuy said...

Hi there Cara... Thanks for sharing your thoughts on my blog. Make no mistake, really, you do stand as a pillar of strength. Peace!

Martha said...

Wow, 10 weeks only?!? I am in awe of you, dear Sweet Cara. Thank you so much for the gift of you and sharing your family with us. I feel a bond with you too.
Thank you also for your comments on my blog, things are calming down. Re.your question, not sure re.exact time lapse for fire video, think about 8-10 hours. It was filmed by a neighbor. (Makes you appreciate blizzards and black ice, eh?)

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