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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Memory Making- Then and Now

I love scrapbooking. I revel in the feeling of taking bits and pieces from our lives and putting them together to tell a story - OUR story! A few years ago, I became a consultant. It was my job to "teach" scrapbooking. For me, that read, "It is your job to INSPIRE others" to do a number of things:
  1. To get their 2,000 pictures out from under the bed.
  2. To start with their most recent photos, so the stories came easily
  3. But, most importantly, I was responsible for helping others create life long memories.

The one thing I NEVER loved was taking their money. Obviously I paid money for the product and had to make it back, but I found myself donating products to silent auctions, creating scrapbooks for wakes and funerals, and saying, "just take it" more than a successful business woman really should. I would watch my upline drive all over New -England to further her mission and was struck. She had a consistant income as a result of her efforts and those of us below her. She could have sat back, picked up the remote and channel surfed as we were out teaching parties. But she didn't. She continued working hard to grow, harder, I think, than when I first met her.

I feel in a very similar space right now. Once again I feel like I am being called to be with others, grieve with new parents, and inspire them to take their first step on their healing road. And - Once again, I feel a nagging ache in my gut that I had to ask for donations to do it. I am going to leave the ticker up, for now, but am actively looking for alternatives.

As a way to keep myself accountable - to you - the people who cheer me on with love, prayers , suggesstions, and dollars, here is my current to-do list:

  • Make contact with the leader of the Northhampton Share group.
  • Write a state grant to cover some start up expenses and travel costs assoicated with going to the convention in March
  • Search the internet for any wealthy benefactors who are looking to support family's after the death of a child
  • Extend offers to speak to local woman's groups
  • Send Infomational flyers to local home care and hospices
  • Contact the head nurse at the childbirth center and be sure she is still planning on handing out my card to families
  • Finish the Memory Box Prototype and gather mateials. We are planning on donating the boxes regardless. Families deserve it.

Thanks again to all of you (and Kristin I'm still intruiged!) . I just wanted to let you know I have not given up. I will be working hard to make this happen.


k@lakly said...

I hate asking for money too. I wish I was a wealthy benefactor and could just make this happen already. I will keep my eyes and ears open for $$ possibilities.
I love your perseverence!!

Martha said...

I have no problem asking for money and it gives more value to your service on alot levels. I think people want to help and money is peasy-easy compared to your blood, sweat, and tears, dear Cara. Hmm, I think if you could get some media coverage in your community, that would really help your fundraising.

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