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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Show and Tell - Halloween Eats!

In leiu of Halloween costumes and fancifully sewn creations (I don't have that skill - but my friends do!) I present to you for Show and Tell...

Cute Food!

These are Rice Krispie Treat Kitty Cats! The Comedian had snack at her preschool on Halloween (of course) - and I decided to do something special. (NOTE: If you attempt this have an assembly line of people or the last to be formed will be too hard for "modification".)

And now for the.... "Scccaaaawwwwyyyy" Food !

These were easy to make and they look relatively tame until you flip the pancakes over on the griddle...then they become "vewwwwy sccaaaawwwwyyy"! (NOTE: The Comedian refused to eat hers.)

Hope you enjoyed your day whatever you did to mark the 31st! And don't forget...Head back over to the Mel's classroom to see what else is in the parade!


Delenn said...

Oh, I always love doing neat things with food! Sounds major cool!

This year for Michael's halloween party we had mason jars of Intestines (cooked spaghetti with red food dye), Brains (cauliflower with yellow food dye), and Eyeballs (pearl onions in water).

I will have to try those rice krispies soon!

Sam said...

those rice krispies look great!! I can never be very bothered to mess around too much with my food, but then I don't have kids!! ha ha!

admin said...

You are killing me with those rice crispy treats!!! yummmmmmmm.

MrsSpock said...

The rice crispies look good, but the pancakes? Vewwwwy scaaaawwwwyyy!

Kristin said...

The rice krispie treats are adorable and the pancakes are fabulous. Great ideas.

Amy said...

Awesome cats and yes, I would have to agree vewwy sawwy pancakes! I don't think I could eat them!

At least you have a creative streak...mine doesn't exist anymore!

Dora said...

So, it's almost unanimous on the scawwwy pancakes. Ewwwww, sorry, but I think candy corn is yucky to begin with, candy corn melted in pancakes! Yuck! I'm with the Comedian. I wouldn't eat em. With the rice crispy cats, I could pick the candy corn out. :-)

Martha said...

This looks delicious and creepy. Candy corn in pancakes, ewwwww! I love the rice crispy treats, really cute.

Cara said...

So this shouldn't be my recipe swap?? ha-ha

Emily (Apron Strings) said...

Those look to cool to eat!!

Here from Show and Tell

Lollipop Goldstein said...

Those kitties are so cute. I want to make them now.

Another Dreamer said...

The kitties are so cute and yummy looking! I agree with everyone else.... the scawwwwyyyy pancakes are pretty scary!

Michelle said...

The rice crispy treats look so good!

battynurse said...

Very cute. I love the rice krispy kitties.

Lori said...

Very clever! I may borrow your ideas, as well as those of your commenters.

Tara said...

Those rice krispie kitties are so cute!!!

Brenda said...

Love the rice krispy treats. the pancakes....ewwwww, really scary!

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