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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Alternative Christmas Traditions

"Why is she sleeping so late?" I wondered. It was Bear's first Christmas and I was overjoyed with possibility. Yes, she was a baby - 10 months old - to be exact, but still she NEVER slept this late in the morning. Smiling, I shrugged it off as one of those things babies do because it is the last thing you expect.

"I wish there was a red warning button that could alert us when she was going to sleep this long." I said as I rolled over to greet my husband on Christmas morning. Slight panic struck - Is she ok? Did she roll over onto one of her animals and get stuck? Can she breathe? Is she...

I couldn't finish the sentence. This wasn't the first time I was consumed with irrational thought when Bear's sleep patterns, eating habits, or any minute behavior was the slightest bit off her typical schedule. Typically, I washed it off with a cleansing head shake and a peek at the monitor. But today, I couldn't let it go. As I walked into her room and saw her back rise and fall with even breathing, I let my own out. I placed my hand gently on her back and that is when I realized she had a fever.

And - hence... a family tradition was born. Nearly, every holiday one of our children is sick or injured. Seriously-

  • Bear's first Christmas she suffered a fever of 104.5, projectile vomiting, and a trip to the walk-in clinic.
  • Her third Easter she went for an x-ray. We thought she broke her wrist when trying to put on one of those fancy elbow length gloves that accompany the even fancier dress. An untimely twist and fall to the floor left her hurting.*
  • The Comedian's second Thanksgiving she deemed herself done with her crib. We woke to a BANG. She had climbed out and fell - landing directly on her head. Slight concussion and very lethargic the rest of the day.

Those are the big three, but truly - there seems always to be a cold, cough, slight fever or antibiotic on the major holidays.

Today - is no exception. The Comedian woke up CRANKY and warm. Sure enough - 101. She is sleeping right now (since 10am) in hopes that she might make it through the rest of the day with family.

(sigh) - well - at least we are a consistent family.


* - she acutually had "nursemaid's elbow". DH said there was a loud POP as the doctor put her elbow back in.


CLC said...

Merry Christmas! And hope the kids are better for the rest of the day!

Lisa DG said...

Happy Holidays, Cara. May this next year be full of blessings.

k@lakly said...

Parenting isn't for the weak. I always say you aren't doing it right if you don't spend some good quality time in the ER every year.

Merry Christmas and wishes for good health to all, very soon.

Michelle said...

I hope she feels better and you all have a very Merry Christmas!

Kristin said...

Merry Christmas. I hope the Comedian feels better soon.

MrsSpock said...

I hope that little black holiday bad luck cloud isn't too dark!

Martha said...

Sammy, our 10 y/o had nursemaid's elbow, ask the doc to show you how to put it back in place. (I mean if you can, I know not every parent is a nurse.) Very easy and relieves the pain instantly. Gosh, that's too bad that someone is sick on the holidays.

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