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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Show and Tell - Sunday School Take Two

Twas the Sunday after Christmas and in the Sunday School room..this was our lesson:

We received with gratitude - We gave with love.

The kids drew a picture of their favorite gift and told why they were so grateful for it.
Then, they drew a second picture of the favorite gift they GAVE and told why it felt so good to give it.

Teaching the real meaning of exchanging gifts felt so good - but I didn't get to here is mine.

Every year, for the last few, I have said, "During the holiday clearance I am going to buy myself a quilted advent calendar - you know the kind that you can countdown to Christmas without consuming chocolate."

Every year, for the last few, I haven't.

This year, my mother surprised me with a hand quilted pocket advent calendar. It is my favorite gift. I received with gratitude.

I don't have a picture of the favorite gift I gave. It was a mini day calendar for a very close friend to celebrate how our relationship has grown and deepened this year. It felt good to recognize our connection. I gave with love.

What is the rest of the class show and telling?


The Turtle and the Monkey said...

My favorite gift was a crystal turtle from my brother and sister-in-law. I am grateful because they remembered Noah, my grief, and how very hard the holidays are for me. It moved me to tears, both happy and sad.

My favorite gift given was to my twin neice and nephew. I gave them a picture book that had been given to Monkey and Noah. It had been their big sister's originally and I felt it should stay in the family. Their Mama was happy to see it as she has very little from her oldest daughter's baby years.

Thanks for the post.

Kristin said...

What a beautiful message. I think my favorite gift came from my boys. The gave us a large counter top roasting oven. They picked it because they know how much my hubby and I love to cook.

I think the favorite gift I gave were the cd's of the family reunion videos I made.

Martha said...

This is lovely, thank you for the gift of this post and your comment on my blog. I love how both gifts are related to the passing of time.

Michelle said...

My favorite gift this year was a swivel sweeper. I love this thing. It is so easy to use and nice to have with all the dog hair we have around. My favorite gift to give was the gifts to my nephews because their eyes just lit up when I gave it to them.

JuliaS said...

Favorite gift?

Hmmmm, the illustrated hymnal my mil sent me. She wrapped it in a red linen Christmas napkin that had a white snowflake embroidered on it. Then she tied it with this white flocked ribbon in such a pretty bow. I didn't even want to open it because it was so lovely! Though, I am glad I did - the illustrations are so beautiful.

We do a Secret Santa thing each year - we put our names in a hat and then we draw one and make (it has to be handmade) a gift for that person. You have to guess who your Secret Santa is before you can open the gift. The kids really get into this and some of the gifts they make are fabulously creative and thoughtful! I think that is my favorite part of the giving now - just seeing their minds work out something special for another person and then turn that idea into an actual creation and then gift it.

Another Dreamer said...

How cute. My favorite gift I gave this year was a robotic dragon that walked and breathed fire while flapping it's wings, lol. My nephew (New nephew, my SIL got married and it's her step son) loved it. I was so worried about him being left out, and not knowing what to get him... but he absolutely loved it.

My favorite gift received... all the money we were given for the holidays, which is going to our injectable funds so we can take another aggresive stab at TTC in the spring hopefully. I am extremely grateful right now.

~Jess said...

I love it! I keep telling myself I'm going to make a quilted one with pockets to put things in...hasn't happened yet.

I honestly can't think of a favorite gift received or given...I know there are many.

Happy New Year!


MrsSpock said...

My favorite gift received? A silver bracelet with my name, Mr S's name, and J's name engraved on each link, with spaced for a few more names, given to me by my best friend on the day J was born- Mother's Day. She knew how much having a family meant to me.

Favorite gift given? Permission to my husband NOT to exchange Christmas and birthday presents, but instead find days spontaneously throughout the year that we would make special with each other.

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