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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

And our family grows...

NO! I am not pregnant. What on earth would make you think that? (I do have an uninvited cyst on my left ovary - but that is neither here nor there as it is fluid filled and should "wash away" soon)

So - how is our family growing?

A few months ago, DH starting building this.
In our small town (without zoning) questions came at warp speed, "Are you building a tractor port? Oh, is it a sugar house? Gonna put a hot tub in there? (if only that were true!)"

With a broad smile he answered, "It's a chicken house! I'm hatching chicks."

A quick stop at the local W.A.W.W.E (we are what we eat) organic farm had him proudly brandishing a dozen fertalized egges. "And she gave them to me for FREE!" he reported "She also wished me luck."

Fastforward to yesterday as he turned the eggs with pencils so hand oils don't make contact with the eggshells and filled the water making sure it was just the right temperature to compliment the heat from the lamp. I heard a big sigh.

"What's up?"

"Eh- I just don't know if this is working. Probably not. But, no biggie, right? I didn't pay anything for the eggs."

"When are they supposed to hatch?" I asked

"Tomorrow" he said, still rather dejected.

"New Year's babies, huh? Wow - that will be something."


This morning we came downstairs to the faint sounds of chirps! They are still in the eggs but they'll be here soon. The girls are so excited and DH is out fashioning a temporary living space until the wiring is completed in the "chicken house". Typical of a parent-to-be to not quite be ready for the babes, yes? (UPDATED - TEMPORARY LIVING SPACE COMPLETE!)
Ahhh - now only six months until we have fresh, organic eggs just outside our door! Come on little chickies. Hatch!

BTW - Bear says they'll hatch at 3pm. The Comedian weighed in at "fifty-o-clock". What do you think?


Amy said...

I say 1am New Years Day! Truly New Years babies! Of course, I don't know diddly about chickens except that I eat them and their eggs. Bad, I know, I am bad!

Good luck with the NEW babies! Enjoy...amazing how nature can still pull this one off with a little human nurture too!

Monica LeMoine said...

That's cool! You'd better start scrounging up some egg casserole recipes.

Kristin said...

How very cool! I'm voting for 2:30 pm

CLC said...

How exciting! I say 6pm!

Michelle said...

That is cool! I say 4:30.

Dora said...

Mmmmmm, freshly laid eggs! I am definitely coming to visit.

I agree with "fifty-o-clock".

Martha said...

What a delightful story and beautiful chicken house. I'm guessing 7:10 pm. Fresh eggs, yum, yum.

MrsSpock said...

I agree, fifty-o-clock. I always wanted chickens- that is so cool!

Mrs Woggie said...

I think fifty o'clock sounds about right! LOL!

I'm trying to convince Dean to let us get Chicks, I'd love some little chicky babies!

Can't wait to see photos of the new additions.

Happy New Year!

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