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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Connections...Are you an artist??

This forum is the foundation for connections of all kinds.

In this space I spoke of Share.

Sara emailed me and connected me to Charlotte's Mama.

She was a wealth of information and connceted me to this group.

Through the group I found the hood-spa to start our own group and in the process met the very talented Birdie's Mama and put her sweet girl on The Wall of Angels.

Last week I received this email from her.

"Charlotte's Mama and myself are going to be working on a book, a book that will be for the young siblings of babylost parents, a book that talks about the baby who is not there but is talked about and cherished.

However, we are looking for an illustrator, and I would like to find either a babylost Mama or Papa to be that person. If you can, would you mind putting the word out to your SHARE group, or by another means of getting the word out?

I have not had any luck in my calls for such an illustrator, and it seems so important to have the whole book be made by babylost parents."

A book like this is so needed. her if you feel like your talent might match their vision.


Martha said...

I just got this in my blog reader this am and just left a comment for Birdie re.

Bluebird said...

Oh, I wish it could be me! Alas, I am not skilled in that area. But what an awesome opportunity for someone who is.

Dalene said...

There is a woman named JayJay on the Pregnancy and Birth Loss board at who I believe is an artist. She lost her fullterm baby last year. She is pretty active on the board and should be easy to locate.

Jason said...

I am an artist and father to an angel we lost at 41 weeks during labor on March 1, 2006. I am interested in contributing to your book. Please visit our business Facebook page to see some of my work. I'm not sure what exactly you're looking for, but I have experience in realistic portraits, illustrations, digital art, etc. The book sounds like a great idea and something I would be proud to share with our living son.

Please look in the photo album for "Jason's Artwork." I uploaded these images quickly to share with you.
Jason's Artwork on Hanami Prints' Facebook page

Take care and best of luck,

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