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Friday, April 24, 2009

Show and Tell - The Cat's Meow

Yeah - they really do! And, they are kinda loud - hungry little buggers at ALL times of the night.

And so, we finally had to tell Sally-Mama that they had to come downstairs if Ms. Comedian was ever going to get a good nights sleep again!

She wasn't thrilled...but we kept like-smelling objects with them. They now reside in the office and so the clickity-clack of my laptop keys melds with the 'meeeeew - meeeeeeoooowww' of confined three week old kittys

It is funny really, considering the yo-yo of animal presence and activity in this house over the past year - click HERE for a rundown, to think that we are crazy about these five kittens - even if they do think we are jailers.

And- they truly think we have unduly confined them. Just watch!

FYI - Butterscotch is a confirmed boy and named after that runaway little devil from my youth. IF we manage to place any of these little felines in homes, the big -B is ours...for the keeping!!!

Sorry for the darkness...bad lighting in their room!

Oh - and an UPDATE for those of you who have followed the hatching of the New Year's Chickens...10 hatched, the one sick one - survived, but only 3 are hens! Yup - 7 (um, SEVEN) roosters cock-a-stinking-doodle-doo every morning. Word on the street is three eggs a day...*sigh* - gonna have to do it all over!!!

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Beautiful Mess said...

Awwww how sweet! Little kitten meows!

Candice said...

They are so cute! I love kittens.

Lori said...

You have such a nice voice!

Fishie got a little nervous while I watched that video...

Mrs. Gamgee said...

wow... 7 roosters? I bet your neighbours love you right now. lol

Happy ICLW!

Kristin said...

You have such a wonderfully soothing voice. I love baby kitties.

Malky B. said...

So cute - I loved kittens when I was a girl too.

The Steadfast Warrior said...

Awww, I love kittens too! Butterscoth is a great name. :)

Another Dreamer said...


When I lived on the farm we bought like 20 chicks... almost even split of hens to roosters, it was crazy!

Good luck with them :)

Delenn said...

How cute is that! I love their little meows!

Anonymous said...

The kittens are tooooooo adorable!!! And all those roosters, oh wow!

Cassandra said...

I think Butterscotch has been hanging out with the chicks. His meow sounds more like a cheep!

Anonymous said...

Aborable! I'm so in love with your little Butterscotch hehe

WiseGuy said...

Roosters and Cats...quite a scene!!!!

I think the internet connection on my end is in the dumps, coz I could not get the video to play...

Serendipity said...

oh how adorable, I love cats of all shapes and sizes. I really miss having animals share my home.

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