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Friday, September 26, 2008

Comedic Relief (picture of child)

So, as you know (or if you don't - and want to read this, then this) the roadblock in front of my bridge is supposed to be clear by tomorrow morning. As we all know road construction isn't always (ok - is NEVER) on schedule, but here's hoping! an aside I present you with The Comedian's comic relief of the day. I know, I know...words don't do her justice - that's why I have pictures!

So, in optimistic hopes that my bridge IS available for crossing tomorrow, I went to gather my materials prepared days ago... In short, a clipboard with numbered questions and topics I wanted to cover, leaving appropriate space for my notes. The paper said: #1 - Loss Packet Contents, #2 - Live Birth Packet Contents, #3 - Current local support group evolution, #4 - "On call" status as a local support during immediate loss situations.

It wasn't where I left it. "Comedian" I bellowed and she came bounding with uneven elephant feet steps and cheerily presented herself in front of me, "WHAT?" she chirped. "Ummm... have you seen my clipboard?" - A quick "YUP!" but absolutly no movement to go get if for me.

"OK honey. Where is it?", again a quick response, "In you office! I did you paperwork for you!"

I'm thinking Uh-oh...but I say in my sweet, sticky mommy voice "Can you get it for me?"

"YUP!" she beams and bounds off again returning only seconds later with not only my clipboard, but a blanket wrapped around her and this proud face as she repeats..."I DID YOU PAPERWORK FOR YOU!"

Apparantely she didn't know the answers to inquiry numbers 1 and 4, but she had numbers 2 and 3 covered!


The Hultman's said...

Hi there. Your blog is beautiful. I Love the mission behind it.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on The Princess Bride! I KNOW! It's so great!!

Just Me. said...

Hi there, sorry it's taken me this long to get back to you. As you would have known, I was battling the cold, cough and fever. It took me 1.5 weeks to recover, only to have the cold and cough back..grrr..anyway, enough whining on your blog..sorry!

I read your blog from the start and I feel drawn to your strength and the sadness as well. I'm sorry but I have never had a m/c before but it's through reading other blogs of women who have suffered from m/c and also from yours, that I have to understand the pain better.


ps Also, wanted to let you know that Cara's such a beautiful name. My good friend's name is Cara too! :)

Simply AnonyMom said...

Thank you for visiting. I love surprise ICLW visitors.

Your post was very cute. Someting similar (yet very different) happened to me last weekend. Hubby has a very strict dental plan. The paperwork has to be filled out by them (insurance co) and hand delivered to the dentist. My 4 yr old thought he would practice writing his name ALL OVER it Sunday night before our 8am Monday morning Dr appointment.

See, similar as in it was done with love, but different because of different forms.

I really enjoyed reading your site. Thank you for posting your story for everyone to read.

Michelle said...

Aww she thought she was being so helpful! That's too funny!

theworms said...

She's very helpful, now you just need to ask questions 1 & 4. You post made me LOL.

I hope your meeting happens, GL.

Collette said...

Hi and thanks for commenting on my blog.

I love that she did your paperwork for you! I was finishing up my bachelors degree when P was 4 and she would frequently "do my homework" for me. I love that they love to help!

Nathansma said...

Sounds like she's like her mommy. She sees work that needs to be done and she takes care of business. :)


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Anonymous said...

I love that picture!

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