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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Where Do The Pieces Fit?

To all of you who have come to Emma's blog through me, or a friend, or lost and found, or show and tell, or ILCW and choose to keep coming back - THANK YOU.

Having you here as I continue to process Emma Grace and her role in our family is such a blessing. However, as the converstaion was opened during ILCW we DBM's who go on to have another pregnancy and deliver a live child have an added piece to our blogs, parenting after loss, and although both pieces fit perfectly in OUR lives, they may not always fit with the IF readers.

I have been giving this alot of thought but the last two days have really brought the issue to a head for me. In the beginning, when I mentioned Bear or The Comedian it was always in conjunction with their connection to Emma, or how they relate to the idea of her death, or my shift in perspective parenting after a loss. But, in the last couple days I have been writing the occasional Bear Only post or "Comedian Inspired" post and find that Emma is not in their stories.

In processing that line of thinking I realized that although in my little world Emma, Bear and The Comedian are as far from mutally exclusive as you can get, my goal for this blog, my mission really demands that they be exactly that in the blogosphere.

This blog is a safe haven for mothers suffering through their losses and regardless of labels clearly placed in the title, I don't want you to be subjected to a picture or parenting story that throws you back to a hellish place in your grieving process. But never fear - my big Bear and totally hilarous Comedian will not dissapear entirely from Building Heavenly Bridges they will only appear when story is somehow a connection, annecdote, or celebration day about their sister, Emma Grace or a personal tale of my parenting road in relationship to a stillborn baby.

That said, I really cannot stop myself from blogging about them as individuals as they grow, evolve, say and do really funny stuff, and occasionally baffle me to the point of reaching out to all of you for help. The solution was really simple, but as usual, took a few days to come to me - arriving like a big booming voice from above..."CARA - START ANOTHER BLOG!"

I am starting another blog. It will be appropriately called: The Bear And The Comedian - Living Life - Parenting After A Loss. I don't know when I'll have it up and running but I'll be sure to post when it is! At that point you will have choices! (hooray for choices!)

If you are feeling low and looking for inspiration...go to Building Heavenly Bridges

If you are looking for a cute kid story to lift your spirits or feeling like you have all the parenting answers that day, come to The Bear and The Comedian to share them with me!!!

Either way...please visit and tell your story so we know what you need!


Dora said...

Looking forward to your new blog, 'cause I wanna hear about the special "boyfriend"!!!

MrsSpock said...

Can't wait to read the new blog...hope you are getting lots of good ideas for your Bridge project.

Jodi walshvelo said...

rhey cara great blog, great start so u're writing a book,too? awesome!! I am going to give a good friend of mine with a grief recently thru an IVF if that ok with u? HUGS Jodi

Michelle said...

Looking forward to hearing about the "boyfriend"

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