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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The End Is In Sight...

Or is it?

Oh...wait. That's not the end.

That is just a tiny clump of fireflies burning the midnight oil with you - yet again - as you delude yourself that the end is around the next corner, then over the next hill.

The Memory Walk was two and a half weeks ago. It is STILL.NOT.OVER!

There is the public access tv quality video (HA!) that I, yes yours-truly, has attempted to make interesting enough that were you to be sitting quietly in the comfort of your own home on a random weeknight and it began playing on your tv, you might acually choose to watch it through. (It's only 20 minutes...with random special effects...well - the best that win.dows allows)

And, apparantly the universe heard my loud and desperate cries for PICTURES...for as I type 750 - (um..that's seven hundred and fifty) are uploading to my desktop. Any guesses how long it will take me to make the final cuts? Let's just say...I don't do well with lots of choices.

I'm drowning in a virual media soup, without the technological paddles I require!!!

(SERIOUSLY - HELP! IF YOU...know how to splice audio from its visual counterpart, and then place it with a different sequence of video...oh - OR ...if you know how to solve this issue: the audio from one camera is MUCH louder than the audio intake from the other...)

So, let this little paniced post serve as a lesson to you all. If you are going to bite off more than you can chew - invite friends!

**Your local programming of Cara reading and commenting on your posts will recommence after she has emerged from the media swamp!***

But, because I know I cannot continue to just TALK about this event...I picked three random numbers and pulled those pics. (Hey - come on...3 number out of 750 isn't easy to pick, remember...not so great with choices)

Much...much....much....more to come!

1 comment:

Kristin said...

I can help with pictures. I rock at making slide shows. But, I don't know so much about videos. Let me know if you need picture help. Cropping and a little judicious editing can turn a blah picture into something smashing.

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