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Monday, May 4, 2009

Perfect Moment Monday - Model Material?? (Child pictured)

I have to admit a few sideways glances in the mirror with pursed lips and a pleated jean skirt in my formative years, but model material I never was.
Today - as opened the large see-through bag of thin, silk-screened fabric, my perfect moment formed. Running my fingers over the letters, I decided to throw caution to the wind and sport a shirt that is a labor of much love.

Ready to walk the runway with us?? (Cue the mic'ed speaker voice)

This year a startling line of clothing have emerged not from trendy seasonal fads, but from deep within our designers. These clothes are created from memory and emotion. We hope that the first in this line resonates with you as much as it has with us.
If you have felt the intense pleasure of creating and growing a life inside you only to find that your baby died, and will never come home with you - but lives on forever in the depths of your heart then this is the shirt for you. It's light purple hues speak both to the longing and inspiration the wearer feels.

Cara wears this shirt with a wide smile (even if you can't see it), knowing others will too.

Comedian shines like the loving little sister she is in her lilac memory shirt. Yes, these shirts come in all sizes as grievers do too. Big, little, short and tall, the impact our angel babies have in our lives is never more pronounced than when a small child speaks of a missing sibling.

And, last - but definately not least - we have Emma's daddy who swore he would not be convinced to wear such a pale colored shirt (read...purple), and yet - here he stands proud as a peacock knowing that our vision is near at hand. Daddies take note: purple is a color you can pull off!
Just wait until we have them personalized!!!


Kristin said...


Sara said...

Very nice . . . hope you have a great day for your walk. I'll be walking here.

Sheri said...

The shirt is beautiful, not only for how it looks, but for what it means. Great job!

Lori said...

I love them! The style and the meaning.

Martha said...

So beautiful! I love the color.

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