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Friday, May 1, 2009

Oh What a Day...Oh - Indeed

On the drive home exhilleration hit every nerve I possess, well - that and mental exhaustion in the form of a vibrant headache. Three hours of intense focus on translating information will do that. I must add 'mental jumping jacks' to my daily workout if this will eventually consume more than three hours of my day.

However, all in all - my initial evaluation of the experience was right on:

Sure this is the right path
Unsure that I am ready"

Except for that last one. I am ready. I really always was. I just have yet to make this choice, that's all.

First - I chose Deaf Education.
Then - I chose parenting.
Now - I choose to combine these skills so both are possible. Kids will still be dropped off to school. Clients will still be served. And yes, money will be earned. (*big sigh of relief*)

But first - there is a little business to attend to. The Deaf community is a really special place. You earn your ticket to the community through committment, trust, and attendance. I used to have a backstage pass. It was my second home.

After Emma died, my main focus became - first self, then Bear, then Comedian. For six years I have been here, at home, focusing on my family as the Deaf community went on. My students grew up, teachers left and new ones came, people divorced and got remarried. I have much to do now if I wish to be welcomed back into that community with smiles and wide signing arms.

I'm in the right place. Now is the right time. Even if its just one step at a time.

Oh - and my week-of-crazy-obsessed prep for the Memory walk starts tomorrow.

Oh - and came home to Emma's daffodills fully bloomed.

Oh - and the cap came off my tooth tonight

But I had a good day - a very good day indeed.
(Sorry Martha - no snazzy pic to prove it, not yet anyway)


Kristin said...

Except for the cap coming off, it sounds like an incredible day. Check your email please...I have a proposal for you.

caitsmom said...

Glad you are finding your way and thriving! Love the daffodils. Peace.

Dora said...

Awesome! Love the daffodils.

Martha said...

Shucks, no pictures!! I bet you like so spiffy, I'm so happy it was a good day.
<3 Emma's daffodils.

Michelle said...

I am glad you had a great day minus the cap coming off. Emma's daffodils are BEAUTIFUL just like she is!

Bluebird said...

Sounds exhausting and rewarding all at the same time! I can't imagine the week you're going to have - will be thinking of you!

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